FAQ: Yo Kai Watch 2 Comment Avoir Komasan S?

How do you get Komasan S Yo-Kai Watch 2?

Komasan S can only be found in the Oni Evolution Update, which can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop. After completing the main storyline of Fleshy Souls, he can be found at Nom Burger in Downtown Springdale. He can be battled once a day until he’s befriended through the regular method.

How do you get Komajiro s?

Komajiro S can only be found in Psychic Specters. After completing the main storyline, he can be found at the pier in Downtown Springdale and can be battled once a day until he’s befriended through the regular method.

How do you evolve Komasan?

Komasan will evolve into Komane once it reached level 35. Alternatively, Komane can be found at the Entry Hall in the Yo-kai World.

Is Jibanyan s better than Jibanyan?

Jibanyan S is a powerful variant of Jibanyan. He appears exactly the same, but with a reddish energy-flame surrounding him. His personality is mostly the same as Jibanyan, but with more courage and confidence.

How do I get Komasan B?

The Komasan B can be randomly obtained by completing the Labyrinth of White Dog.

Is Komasan older than Komajiro?

Komasan and Komajiro are a little over 300 years old as mentioned in an episode. Komasan and Komajiro are the only mascot Yo-kai to have a completely different name in the Korean localization.

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Does Komajiro evolve?

Komajiro will evolve into Komiger once it reached level 35.

Is Komasan a boy or girl?

When Komasan puts a leaf on top of his head, he can transform into a human for his disguise. His human appearance is of a male teenager with black hair, eyes with black pupils with a facial appearance resembling the original form of the Yo-kai, while he wears a beige blazer with a shirt, necklace and dark-brown pants.

Why does Komasan say Zura?

He often ends his sentences with “zura” (y’all in the english version), which is his way of saying ” nice to meet you.” He also uses the word “monge”, a slang word meaning ‘tremendous’ (“Oh my swirls!” in the English version), when he’s surprised or impressed.

What food does Venoct like?

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble Venoct Awoken has no favorite food.

Does BUHU evolve?

Evolution. This Yo-kai does not evolve.

Can Yo-kai evolve?

Some Yo-kai can transform into stronger Yo-kai once they reach a specific level. This is known as Yo-kai Evolution. Only 15 Yo-kai can evolve.

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