Question: Comment Avoir Komashura Yo Kai Watch 2?

What Yo-Kai do you need for Komashura?

He could only be obtained by entering in a code for the Shurakoma Tag Key Item obtained from Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, after clearing missions to obtain Shirokuma in the game.

Can you befriend Slimamander in yo-Kai Watch 2?

In Yo-kai Watch 2, Slimamander can be befriended, and is a Fire-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

Is Yo-Kai Watch 2 worth it?

Though its opening hours retrace the first Yo-Kai Watch a bit too faithfully, the rest of the experience is absolutely worth it; this is an endlessly charming RPG that captures the fun and wonder of childhood adventure, with the added excitement of a few hundred paranormal pals.

How do I get tunatic?

Tunatic can rarely be found in the seaside cave at San Fantastico. He can also be freed from the Crank-a-kai using light blue coins in the Present.

What is the strongest yokai in Yokai Watch?

Yo-kai Watch … Betterfly is just like Reuknight in the sense that they are A rank Yokai available at an incredibly early point in the game. This video shows how to get Gilgaros “The Strongest Oni Ever Born!” Slurpent is technically the strongest Yo-kai in overall stats when befriended in Yo-kai Watch 2.

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Can you befriend SV Snaggerjag?

SV Snaggerjag can be befriended as a reward for defeating his boss form in a mission battle, or he can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a sawtoakushi coin.

How do you befriend Wobblewok?

Wobblewok can be befriended in this game as well. Challenge Wobblewok until you collect a “Ghostly Goo” drop. It is recommended that you bring a Yo-kai with an ability that allows items to drop more often.

How do you befriend gutsy bones?

Gutsy Bones can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with Five-Star Coins. Alternatively, the player can befriend him from the Clu-T-facts Memo for Cluvian Keyhole ④ in Blasters T.

What yokai are needed for Shogunyan?

Required Yo-Kai

  • Mochismo.
  • Tattletell.
  • Castelius III.
  • Jibanyan.
  • Happierre.
  • Leadoni.
  • Dismarelda.
  • Draggie.

How do you get dismarelda in Yokai Watch 2?

In Yo-kai Watch, Dismarelda is automatically befriended at the end of Episode 2. Dismarelda can be found in Downtown Springdale in the Academy Shortcut in trash.

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