Réponse Rapide: Yokai Watch Ou Trouver Castelius 3?

Where do you find Castelius 3 in yo-Kai watch?

Castelius III can be found in Gates of Whimsy and in Breezy Hills under vending machines. He can also be found around Breezy Hills under cars, as well as in Mystery Way and the Construction Site. Alternatively, Castelius III can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with an Orange Coin in the present.

How do you get milk in yo-Kai watch?

Where to Buy. Amazing Milk can be bought at the Drink Stall and Springdale Hot Springs.

How do you befriend Blazion?

Blazion can be befriended during Breezy Hills Patrol. As well, he is one of the Yo-kai that can be befriended during the Bottom-of-the-Barrel Blasters mission. Finally, he can be found as the first prize in the Hunt for Gargaros Begins! mission if at least one member is using Red Cat Corps version.

How do you get Castelius Max?

Castelius Max appears on trees at Gourd Pond Park (Breezy Hills) at night. Alternatively, fuse Castelius I with a Platinum Bar, which can be obtained: as a rare drop from Castelius Max.

What does rubbing the golden egg do?

Golden Egg In the main series games, the egg can be rubbed for good luck which if done enough will award the player with certain items much like the Shrine at Mount Wildwood.

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How do you get Goldenyan in Yokai Watch 1?

Goldenyan can be freed from the Crank-a-kai by using Orange Coins. A Goldenyan lies in a state of low power within the Trophy Room located in the center of Gourd Pond Park, which is firstly accessed to the player by obtaining their first Yo-criminal Trophy.

How do you get Milk in Yokai Watch 2?

You can get milk for free in Yo-Kai Watch 2, but this is difficult and kind of random. You might be able to acquire some Milk by simply battling random Yo-Kai. You may occasionally get a glass of Milk after battle, or you might get some 10 Cent Gum.

How do you get fruit Milk in yo Kai Watch 4?

Fruit Milk can be bought at the Drink Stall.

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