Souvent demandé: Comment Avoir Shogunyan Yokai Watch 2?

What Yo-Kai do you need to get Shogunyan?

Required Yo-Kai

  • Mochismo.
  • Tattletell.
  • Castelius III.
  • Jibanyan.
  • Happierre.
  • Leadoni.
  • Dismarelda.
  • Draggie.

How do you get Draggie in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Yo-kai Watch 2 After initially finding Draggie at the Gourd Pond Museum, Draggie can be found at the Abandoned Tunnel East.

Was Yokai Cancelled?

And lastly, Yo-kai Watch isn’t plain dying. It was discontinued in North America completely (Canadian children’s TV networks, such as YTV and Teletoon, have stopped carrying the series in mid/late 2017 and have refused to air the third season).

How do you get Castelius 3 in yo-Kai watch 1?

Castelius III can be found in Gates of Whimsy and in Breezy Hills under vending machines. He can also be found around Breezy Hills under cars, as well as in Mystery Way and the Construction Site. Alternatively, Castelius III can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with an Orange Coin in the present.

What rank is Draaagin?

‘Draaagin (Japanese: ‘, Draaagin) is a Rank B Ice-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.

Where is the Chinese food in Yo-Kai Watch 2?

Chinese food is a type of food in Yo-kai Watch. It can be bought at Sun Pavilion, located across from North Wind Ramen.

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Where is hooligan road Yo-kai Watch?

Hooligan Road is an area located in the Yo-kai World that appears in the Yo-kai Watch games.

Why did yo-Kai watch fail?

Another big reason why Yo-Kai Watch failed to really get any ground in the West was due to, you guessed it, Pokémon. As stated before, Yo-Kai Watch and Pokémon are set in the same genre and that invited comparison. The big Pokémon boom overshadowed Yo-Kai Watch 3. They underperformed and the franchise started to wane.

Is Yokai watch a Pokémon ripoff?

Yo-Kai Watch began as a manga and was adapted into an anime in Japan in 2014. Like Digimon, Yo-Kai Watch has become popular in its own right; however, the similarities between the anime and Pokémon are unmistakable. Instead of Poké Balls, however, they use their special Yo-Kai Watches.

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